The Blumenschein Home and Museum presents

Rory Wagner ( 1950-2010 )

“Traditional to the Obscure”

In celebration of Taos Fall Arts the Rory Wagner showing is being extended until September 30, 2018

Opening Friday, August 3rd from 5-7pm

RORY WAGNER 1950-2010
2006 New Mexico Governors Award For Excellence In The Arts

This small exhibition and sale, yet large in size, features an eclectic body of Rory’s work.

Rory painted rich, realistically rendered figures mostly of Native American heritage. His style mirrored that of master painter Jan Vermeer.
It seemed he was destined to end up in an artistic culture as prevelant as Taos. It was here in the 1970’s that Rory met R.C. Gorman, perhaps the most famous native American artist of his time. They were life-long friends. His passion for perfection often resulted in the destroying of a canvas, only to start anew. Creating 6-12 canvases a year, each glow with a magical presence that depict his unmistakable style.
His art will continue to intrigue and entertain today, and for all time.